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Alexandra Stoica

Faculty: Violin, Piano


Alexandra Stoica's Bio

From a young age, Alexandra’s musical family helped her develop an interest in classical music and culture. She joined the children’s choir in the Bucharest National Opera House at the age of three. Her parents later took her to audition at the George Enesco Music School, where they found out that she had perfect pitch. This ability helped advance Alexandra’s musical studies, specifically in theory and violin.

During the twelve years of music school, Alexandra was selected to go on tours with the high school orchestra to France, Macedonia, Albania, Prague and Italy and be part of the Evolution Tempo Orchestra, which had the renowned guitarist Steve Vai as a guest artist. In addition to violin lessons, she studied piano for seven years, which became her recreational activity. She went on to win many national and international music competitions, including the Jeunesses International Music Competition, held annually, and first prize in the Radio Romania International competition, where she was invited to play live for the entire country. In 2012, Alexandra was selected to play with the Romanian Philharmonic Orchestra in Bucharest as a soloist.

Alexandra earned her Bachelor degree from The Boston Conservatory, where she entered with full scholarship and studied with Professor Irina Muresanu. At the Boston Conservatory, she expanded her music abilities and violin techniques through participating in string competitions and masterclasses with famous violinists and pedagogues, such as Ilya Kaler and Joseph Silverstein. She was a finalist in the Boston Conservatory String Competition, where she performed the Dvorak Violin Concerto. She played violin in ensembles, including duos, chamber music, and orchestras while pursuing her degree. Some of her most memorable performance experiences include: the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra under the amazing conductor Benjamin Zander, the concertmaster for The Merchant in Venice, the Video Game Orchestra, and the New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra.

Alexandra continued her studies at Boston University, earning her Masters Degree in Violin Performance. While there, she studied violin with Professor Yuri Mazurkevich. In her spare time she enjoys accounting and learning new languages, such as French, Romanian, Spanish, and Italian.


Alexandra has a twin sister who also plays violin. They are inseparable!


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