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Aurora Sidor

Faculty: Violin, Viola


Aurora Sidor's Bio

Aurora Sidor brings over 14 years of musical experience on the violin. In 2019, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Violin Performance at the University of New Hampshire. She was a member of the New Hampshire Philharmonic for 3 years. Aurora is now a member of the Merrimack Valley Philharmonic. When not performing violin, Aurora enjoys arranging and composing her own music, combining her classical training with her love for modern music. Two such pieces include works for violin and piano: Disney’s \u201CLet it Go\u201D and Madonna’s \u201CFrozen\u201D compilation and also an arrangement of Metallica’s \u201CFade to Black\u201D. Aurora wishes to share her musical knowledge and passion in hopes of sparking inspiration in others.


Aurora enjoys analyzing music on her Twitter account @AuroraComposer


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