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Bill Doss

Director of RealJams: Piano, Saxophone


Bill Doss's Bio

Co-Director, RealJams Academy Co-Director, RealBands Bill's music career began in high school, where he was named to the New Hampshire All-State Jazz Band all four years, earning the first-seat sax player spot both his junior and senior years. Bill finished his senior year in style by playing a sold out crowd at Carnegie Hall as the first tenor sax player in the All-Eastern Jazz Band, made up of the best of the best from all the eastern states. High school success for Bill brought a scholarship to Berklee College of Music. By his third year he was asked to hit the road with The Jon Frederik Band, which landed a record deal through DKE Records and a production contract with Sheppard Music. Their full-length album, Life in Progress, was featured in Yu-gi-oh: The Movie. After years of touring, Bill turned his focus to teaching. He currently maintains a full roster of students while still managing to perform full-time around New England and New York. *Faculty Leadership Team Member


Bill's stage name is "Tinman," but not by choice. At the age of 16, he filled in on a gig for another sax player and was so nervous on stage he just stood there like an un-oiled Tinman. He got the gig, but has been known as Tinman ever since. Even today, Bill still gets calls from bands asking to speak with "Tin!"


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