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Bob Stoloff


LOCATIONS: Burlington

Bob Stoloff's Bio

Bob Stoloff is an internationally renowned guest conductor, clinician and ensemble
adjudicator at jazz festivals and teacher seminars in the United States, Europe and South
America. Bob’s master classes include traditional scat singing, circle songs, instru-vocal
articulation, body drumming and rhythm section grooves. His publications include: Scat! Vocal Improvisation Techniques, Blues Scatitudes, Body Beats, Instru-Vocal Improvisation For Soloists Groups and Jazz Choirs, Recipes For Soloing Over Jazz Standards and Rhythmania!

Bob's teaching and performing experience reflects an array of rigorous and diverse
musical training. Beginning with trumpet, Bob attended the High School of Performing
Arts in New York City, performing with concert bands, chamber orchestras, opera
companies and show bands. Bob’s extensive interest in other musical instruments led to
playing the piano, acoustic bass, flute and drums.

After graduating Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor in Music Education, Stoloff
became an active multi-instrumental studio musician in the Boston area. During this
time Bob began to develop a keen interest in scat singing. Inspiring improvisations by
singers including Jon Hendricks, Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme and others eventually led to a
brief but successful career as a jazz vocalist. Bob’s first performance opportunity was an
international jazz festival tour with Vocal Summit, an a cappella group with an all-star
line-up featuring Bobby McFerrin. When the tour ended, Bob was offered a position in
the Voice Department at Berklee College of Music where he began a 28-year tenure as
Professor and eventually Assistant Chair.


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