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Brian Bergeron

Faculty: Guitar, Bass


Brian Bergeron's Bio

Brian Bergeron began playing guitar at the age of twelve. He started by playing Guns n' Roses and Metallica songs until he went to UMass Lowell where he began studying jazz and classical music. He also began studying piano at this time. After receiving his degree from UMass Lowell in Music, with a focus in Education, Brian continued his guitar studies with Berklee professor Charles Chapman and piano with Ralph Funaro. Around this time, Brian did various gigs and shows with the Westford chorus, Lame Sisters and high school musical productions. Brian has also studied classical composition with Berklee professor Vuk Kulenovic and jazz with guru Charlie Banacos. Brian has over ten years of private lesson experience. Currently, Brian is studying guitar with Boston legend Bruce Bartlett.


Brian loves to go to Disney World and travels there twice a year!


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