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Chad Maggs

Faculty: Guitar, Bass, Recording

LOCATIONS: Burlington

Chad Maggs's Bio

Chad began spending hours practicing Metallica and Soundgarden songs on his guitar at the age of 13. He formed his first band at 15, and began touring just two years later. For the next several years, Chad fine-tuned his songwriting skills and musicianship while touring nationally with his band. After life on the road wore his band down, Chad decided to further his music education at Berklee College of Music. At Berklee, Chad studied many different styles of guitar, completing his entire undergraduate program in just two and a half years. He continues to play professionally when he's not busy inspiring the next generation of musicians at Real School. Chad is a veteran recording engineer; he recorded and mixed over 100 songs last year alone.


Before Chad committed to the uptight math teacher look we see today, he previously toured the world in a metal band sporting bright green spikey hair and shoulder-length dreadlocks!


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