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Chris Kazarian

: Voice, Guitar, Songwriting

LOCATIONS: Burlington

Chris Kazarian's Bio

Hailing from Weird Worcester, MA, Chris ‘Kaz’ Kazarian was born to imbibe joy into the hearts of anyone who has the pleasure of getting down with any of his electric live bands!

Over the years Chris has helped garner accolades for himself and his fellow musicians. In the first month of his freshman year at Umass Amherst, Chris auditioned for the contemporary a cappella group, The Doo Wop Shop to partake in what would later be deemed The Golden Age of the all male a cappella group. Together they would combine their sharp ears and keen innovative minds to forge many outstanding and unique a cappella arrangements, including the virally famous Disney Medley viewed by millions.

At the end of that same freshman year at Umass Amherst, Chris became the primary lead singer of Kids on a Hill and experienced his first taste of success with a live band. The 10 piece funky, groovy, Kids on a Hill rocked the Amherst Valley from Spring 2009 until their eventual break up in Spring 2012, due to geographical inconveniences. Starting humbly as a group of friends getting together to share their mutual love of music by artists like Sly and the Family Stone, Lettuce/Soul Live, P-Funk, The Talking Heads, and Steely Dan, they would’ve never expected to fill multiple house parties and venues like The Iron Horse and Pearl Street to capacity.

Realizing that he wanted to focus on becoming a recording artist, Chris Kaz enrolled into and got accepted at Berklee College of Music. There, Chris expanded the playing field. He honed his skills as a musician and began playing solo acoustic shows at places like the Middle East Corner and Tavern at the End of the world and started an All Berklee Band!

With the Frotations, Chris did it all. He wrote the music, booked the gigs, promoted the shows, ran the rehearsals, and of course, led the band as front man on stage, and together they were an eclectic fusion of Rock and Roll and Neo Soul Music. In January 2014, Chris released his first EP with The Frotations at the Middle East Corner, available for download on bandcamp.

Taking the colors he’s accumulated over the past decade from former music groups Kids on A Hill, The Doo Wop Shop, The Frotations, and from his experiences at Berklee College of Music, Chris Kaz touches on everything in music and life that inspires him.


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