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Chris McKenney

Faculty: Guitar

LOCATIONS: Burlington

Chris McKenney's Bio

Clinics Coordinator From New Hampshire originally, Chris McKenney is a Boston area guitarist and bassist who spent his formative years studying guitar at the Concord Community Music School in Concord, NH. Chris began giving lessons while still in college working toward his English degree. After gigging his way through school with pop/rock band, 7 Minutes More and the Uncanny Knack, Chris moved to Boston where he co-founded the band the Gadget Green. Around this time, he was fortunate to leave the corporate world when he became involved with giving lessons in Lexington, Massachusetts at Minuteman Music Center. After splitting time with the Gadget Green and Dank Jankum he eventually moved on to the Southern rock outfit, the Burnt and Bruised Blues and Rhythm Revue, playing slide guitar and lead mustache. After this band ended, Chris shaved and started working with the Real School of Music in April 2010. You can catch him around the greater Boston area with his band Supersona!


Chris is making a push to climb all of New Hampshire's 4,000 foot peaks by the time he grows up. He feels he still has forever to complete this task!


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