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Don Schulze

Faculty: Guitar

LOCATIONS: Burlington

Don Schulze's Bio

Don Schulze grew up in Medford, MA, spending most of his time listening to his mother’s Beatles albums on his little record player. In 1980, at age 8 he got his first acoustic guitar and started taking guitar lessons at the Arlington Academy of Music. The 80’s turned out to be a pretty inspirational decade for guitarists, and Don soon discovered Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, and many others that made playing guitar look like a lot of fun. This sort of fun, creative, and challenging approach to playing the guitar has stuck with him throughout his career and he strives to inspire the same in his students.

For nearly 20 years, Don taught individuals of all ages to play guitar, bass and ukulele at BMR Music in Malden, MA. His performance experience consists of being a member of several bands over the years including Crop Circles, IIJ, The USM, Glass Onion, and Air Traffic Controller, to name a few. These days, Don performs regularly with his acoustic classic rock cover duo, Stone Foundation. He has also been collaborating with Greg Cherone on an acoustic singer-songwriter project called Soul Pilgrims. And every now and then, he enjoys playing solo ukulele shows.

Don spent 4 years at Berklee College of Music as a performance major. In addition to performance, he took many classes in advanced harmony and composition. While there, he composed works for and performed with the Baroque Jazz Ensemble, led by Charles H. Chapman.

Don’s teaching style is one that combines a solid foundation in the basics of rhythm, harmony and technique with experimentation, creativity, and most of all, FUN! His endless patience and genuine enthusiasm for music serves to create an environment where students can feel free to be themselves musically and create a sound that is uniquely their own.


At one time in his life, Don had green hair and played in a punk band that toured England!


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