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Ella McGaunn

Faculty: Voice, Musical Theater, Audition Prep


Ella McGaunn's Bio

Ella McGaunn (soprano) has been performing in musicals, choirs and as a soloist since she was four years old. Ella double majored in Music and Linguistics and minored in Speech Language Pathology at Gordon College in 2018. While at school she received the Hannay Vocal Honors Scholarship, and was the first person in Gordon College history to graduate with the distinction of Departmental Honors in Music. In 2018 she presented a lecture recital accompanying her thesis on Historical Vocal Pedagogy. In 2016 Ella also presented A Voyage Through Musical Theater taking her audience through the history of musical theater from late 19th century to 21st century composers such as Lin Manuel Miranda. In 2015 Ella understudied as Abuela Claudia for Broadway performer Christina Aranda in Innovation Academy’s production of In the Heights. Currently she can be seen (among other churches) singing for Community Congregational Church in Billerica, MA. Ella is also a frequent performer of improvisational comedy at Improv Boston in Cambridge.

With a primary focus on vocal health she teaches in a way that is flexible for any style. However, her favorites styles to sing in herself are classical, musical theater and jazz.Whether you are looking for someone to coach you for an upcoming performance, help with vocal fatigue and difficulty or simply to help you carry a tune you can find your place in her studio family.


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