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Eric Goldberg

Faculty: Director of Piano Instruction, Piano, Accordian

LOCATIONS: Burlington

Eric Goldberg's Bio

Director of Piano Instruction Faculty Leadership Team Born in Brooklyn NY, Eric began studying accordion at age six, and later studied piano and saxophone. At age 15, he won a scholarship to Berklee College of Music from Downbeat magazine on saxophone. Eric was then chosen to be in the MGM film, "Fame," as a principle musician, and actually appears in the movie. After Berklee, Eric studied piano under Charlie Banacos. He has been a keyboardist with many east coast bands. He is one of the founding members of the "World Premiere Band," and for the last decade has been keyboardist with the popular function band "Rare Form." Eric has performed and recorded with such luminaries as Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Lew Soloff, Bob Moses, and Don Alias. He has scored music for television, film and radio, and created the theme for "The World" for WGBH and the BBC. Eric has also written extensive themes and incidental music for Tom Snyder Productions. Since 1990, Eric has won many awards including an Emmy nomination and has worked with some of the most prominent directors and producers on the east coast. In 2002 he received a Grammy nomination for "Best Rock Instrumental Performance" as keyboardist for The Steve Vai Band.


Eric has been an aspiring chef for years who dreams of one day going to culinary school. He is currently working on a cookbook that he hopes to have published. His recipes range from Asian dishes to Nanny's chicken soup!


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