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Evan Gianoulis

Faculty: Drums

LOCATIONS: Burlington

Evan Gianoulis's Bio

Evan Gianoulis has been passionately dedicated to playing drums for seventeen years (since age 9). Evan chose the drums in the fourth grade because he was attracted to the fact that "...you get sticks and things to hit and if you stick with it long enough maybe fifty different things hit. Just a reminder that could be cymbals, cow bells, tambourines, shakers, congas, timbales, old car rims. Whatever you choose you can make a part of your instrument." Evan continued with school band from 4th to 12th grade and played in concert, jazz and Marching band, as well as taking private lessons from Steve Giunta (pit drummer for North Shore Music Theater), Brian MacDougal (Berklee Alum), and John Muzzy (The Real School of Music). In 2006 Evan performed in the Parade of Roses (Rose Bowl) in Pasadena California, a world wide broadcast. Evan has performed in many different musical settings from live to studio, original music to tribute bands and everything in-between. Evan's current musical projects are his original band Supersona with Guitar instructor Chris McKenney of The Real School of Music, Burlington.


Evan got to play claves along to "It's Now Or Never" with DJ Fontana, the original drummer for Elvis Presley's band.


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