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Everly McCormack

Faculty: Piano, Yamaha Coordinator, Yamaha Classes


Everly McCormack's Bio

Everly began her piano study at the age of 6, studying private classical piano for 10 years with James Rizza, a New England Conservatory graduate. From a young age, she loved piano lessons and aspired to teach music one day. In high school she was active in the music program and was awarded the Stephen Camello Music Scholarship. She continued her study of classical piano with Bonnie Anderson and Thomas Stumpf at the University of Massachusetts Lowell where she received her degree, with honors, in Music Education with a heavy concentration in piano performance. At the university, Everly performed with the University Orchestra, Piano Ensemble, and a piano trio, and she received the Elin J. Stene Music Scholarship. Beginning her piano teaching career in 2007, Everly has always approached teaching with positivity, creativity, and flexibility. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and learning styles and loves discovering innovative ways of demonstrating musical concepts to her students. Her varied teaching methods are adaptable to the needs of each individual student, and she has a passion for teaching students with special needs. Everly has extensive experience performing contemporary and classical repertoire and has performed in a variety of musical ensembles, from orchestra to rock band. She is certified as a Yamaha Music Education System Instructor, teaching Yamaha classes and managing the program as Yamaha Coordinator. She plays with the worship band at her church on a weekly basis and enjoys arranging and composing music.


Everly was named after the famous rock and roll group The Everly Brothers!


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