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Ian Conway

Faculty: Voice, Guitar


Ian Conway's Bio

Ian Conway is a passionate, multitalented musician and music educator who has been living and working in the greater Boston/Providence area for most of his life. Ian has been singing for as long as he can remember, and playing guitar for more than 25 years. After graduating from Salem State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Performance with a Music minor, Ian, along with a group of his college friends formed Counter-Productions Theatre Company, a Boston-based independent theatre company which later moved to Providence and is still going strong today. Since departing the company in 2012, Ian has been working as a freelance guitar, bass and mandolin player, music director, actor and sound designer, while also teaching voice, guitar, bass and mandolin lessons privately. Additionally, Ian has significant experience working with both children and adults on the autism spectrum as an adaptive music educator with the amplifi Adaptive Music Program, in his work as a music director for children’s theatre, and as a one-on-one classroom aid to students with severe autism. Ian’s educational approach is to infuse his lessons with a sense of fun and excitement, using his sense of humor to keep things entertaining and relaxed, while still pushing his students to achieve their goals and find their own unique voice as a musician.


An avid hockey fan and player growing up, Ian had his fret hand ice skated over during an epic pond hockey battle at the age of 12. After major surgery to repair the damage, the doctor told Ian that he would most likely no longer be able to play the guitar. Clearly, he had not met Ian before...


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