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Johann Robledo

Faculty: Guitar


Johann Robledo's Bio

Johann Robledo was born and raised in Boston, MA. His musical interests began at the age of 3 as he listened to his father play Mozart’s harpsichord records. Johann began associating musical notes with colors at a young age, and has continued to have an excellent ability to hear and repeat or identify music throughout his life.

Johann began taking music lessons around 7 years old, starting with violin, piano, and eventually adding guitar to his list of instruments at age 12. In his teens, Johann began playing in bands, performing at college parties, and landed his first professional club gig at The Rathskeller, downtown Boston.

He attended a wonderful music program at Dean College in Franklin, MA, then went on to study songwriting at Berklee College of Music. It was at Berklee that Johann began listening to and learning about jazz, blues, and all genres of North and South American music. He was inspired by his Berklee instructors Steve Senibaldi and Jack Pezanelli, who could effortlessly play through jazz changes.

Johann didn’t consider teaching until later in his career, when a friend called him up to help out with a group guitar class in Natick. It was so rewarding to teach the ensemble that he began applying to little shops around Boston as a guitar instructor. In 2004, Johann began teaching full time, building his own studio through the Sudbury, MA Parks and Recreation Department, and working at University Music and Dracut Music. Between 2004 and 2017, he played, toured, and recorded with several bands, the most successful project being a reggae/roots rock band based out of Hampton Beach, NH called Todo Bien. Johann continues to write his own music and share his knowledge of song structure with students that are interested in pursuing a musical path.


Johann once worked as a Maitre De at the Ritz Carlton in Boston!


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