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John Muzzy

Faculty: Drums

LOCATIONS: Burlington

John Muzzy's Bio

Muzz first came to note on the Boston scene in 1987 when he, along with Charlie Farren and David Hull (both from The Joe Perry Project), formed Farrenheit. Upon completion of their debut album for Warner Brothers, Farrenheit went on to open for Boston on their record breaking Third Stage Tour for six months, including nine nights at the Worcester Centrum. Muzz has had stints with other Boston bands including a two-year run with Orr, a band featuring Ben Orr of The Cars. Muzz, along with Boston's lead singer Brad Delp, formed Beatlejuice, New England's premiere Beatle's cover band. Beatlejuice performs early releases as well as later studio masterpieces such as Strawberry Fields and I Am the Walrus to name but a few. Along with performing and recording, Muzz has over twenty-five years of teaching experience as well, which continues here at The Real School of Music. As well as securing an award as Instructor of the Year in 2012 from The Real School of Music, Muzz also recorded a CD with The Jon Butcher Axis and performed with them, as well as with Farrenheit, in 2013 at several premier shows, thus keeping his hand in the original scene of New England. Muzz also continues his endorsee status as a Zildjian artist which he has enjoyed for the past decade.


Back in the '90s, Muzz thought it would be fun get together with some of his Boston musician friends and try to get on a little show called Star Search (the precursor to American Idol). Muzz and the guys won an all-expenses-paid trip to Hollywood and, although they didn't win the contest, they did get to play on national TV and had one heck of a good time!


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