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Morgan Scott

null: Piano, Guitar, Bass

LOCATIONS: Burlington

Morgan Scott's Bio

Morgan Scott is a pianist and guitarist who performs around Boston and Central Massachusetts.

His love of music began at a young age when he would sit for hours in front of a little record player, listening to all sorts of music. At only 2 years old, his mother says that he could find the right track for a particular song or piece he wanted to hear, and then gently place the needle in the correct spot on the record. His parents had a wide taste in music, and their combined record collection included classical jazz such as Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderly, guitarist Charlie Byrd, jazz vocalists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, and many broadway musical original cast recordings. At the age of 8, a teenage neighbor introduced Morgan to the rock albums Yes, the Beatles, Steve Miller, and folk rock Neil Young and Cat Stevens.

As a young teen, Morgan’s guitar playing was influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and by much of the hard rock and heavy metal of the 80’s. As he began to listen to more jazz fusion players, like Mike Stern, John McLaughlin, and Pat Metheny, he realized that he’d need instruction to build jazz fusion into his playing. Morgan overheard bass player Rob Kohler playing in a local music store and was immediately inspired to learn from him. Rob’s teaching approach consisted mostly of the two just playing together. He started on the standards, All the Things You Are, and Ornithology, but also did a ton of free improvisation, which Morgan loved! Rob became a mentor and friend, and Morgan went on to play in his GB band and original fusion group, all while in high school.

Morgan studied guitar at the University of Redlands in Redlands, CA, and then went on to earn a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music, where he studied piano, composition, and Music Production and Engineering.

In 2003, he left a sales position with an office supply company when a keyboardist friend of his was moving and offered up his students. He enjoyed sharing his love of music with other people, and has been teaching private lessons in Central Mass and Metro West for the past 15 years, now expanding his teaching horizons by joining The Real School of Music faculty.

Morgan believes that music is for everyone. He caters to individual styles, goals, and needs because he feels everyone has their own favorite styles of music and learning processes. He carries on the tradition from his mentor, Rob, by emphasizing that students find their own sound and voice in music and art.

In the words of Morgan himself, If I can find and bring out the music one has inside of their soul, and if I can cultivate the pure joy, excitement, and a means to express oneself, then I feel like I’ve carried on the tradition of passing along knowledge and understanding of what I believe is the greatest of all arts: music.

Morgan regularly plays with the Morgan Scott Trio, Hip Anonymous, Jovian Wind, the Steve Branson trio +1, Robert Rivera trio at the Langham Hotel in Boston, the RMC Cello Trio, Ambient Sojourn, and Stubby Phillips and the Flatheads.


At the age of 10, Morgan moved from Hamden, CT to Bozeman, MT where he had to feed the horses and clean the corrals before he was allowed to practice his guitar.


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