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PJ Holaday

: Drums, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele

LOCATIONS: Burlington

PJ Holaday's Bio

PJ has been bringing his energetic approach to teaching and performing across the world for over a decade. From assistant music directing off-Broadway tours, to playing in Big Bands for the biggest names in cruise liners, backing up Grammy and Tony calibur talent like Mary Bridget-Davies and Jay Frigoletto or touring the country with critically acclaimed original bands like Weird Phishes and LUX; PJ has been inspiring the masses in just about every musical way imaginable. He is so proud to be a part of Real School's amplifi program, in which he collaborates with LABBB and Special Education programs throughout Greater Boston to bring the performing arts to all sorts of kids with all sorts of abilities! He also teaches drums, piano, guitar, ukulele, songwriting and thrives teaching ensembles and in collaborative environments. Being a student of Les Harris Jr, Abe Finch, Dr. Phil Swanson and attaining his B.A. in Music from Salem State University gave PJ a well-rounded and rigorous music education. After a decade of teaching many different disciplines to a diverse clientele, PJ prides himself on engaging students and being able to adapt and thrive in any musical situation. He believes music is for EVERYONE!


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