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Pat Santorelli

Faculty: Drums

LOCATIONS: Burlington

Pat Santorelli's Bio

Pat Santorelli is honored to share his lifelong passion for drumming with students at The Real School of Music. A graduate of Berklee School of Music, Pat brings over 25 years of drumming experience to Real School. As a drummer, he has studied with Alan Dawson, Skip Hadden, Tommy Campbell, Kim Plainfield, and at the Drummer's Collective in NYC. He spent ten years in New York playing and recording with Adada, Acts Magdalena and The Electric President. He spent two years touring with songwriter Sarah Bishop Valentine, who penned numerous songs for The Cure, Steve Winwood, The Style Council and Paul Weller. He has also played with numerous Boston-based bands over the years, such as Thought Brigade and The Marc Albanese Trio. Pat brings his love and understanding of rhythm and percussion into the classroom, and is well-loved by students and fellow musicians.


When Pat was a kid, he used to pray every night before bed that disco would go away and Rock and Roll would come back.


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