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Skuli Thorsteinsson

Faculty: Guitar

LOCATIONS: Burlington

Skuli Thorsteinsson's Bio

Skuli Thorsteinsson started music at the young age of three on violin, which provided a foundation for string instrument technique as well as a great deal of musical training. Influenced by classic rock, Skuli picked up the guitar at age thirteen. He was initially attracted to learning Led Zeppelin songs, but eventually began to explore other genres of music, including jazz, blues, and funk. He moved to Boston and earned a degree from Berklee College of Music, where he focused his studies on Performance and Jazz Composition. Skuli has performed throughout the Northeast with bands such as the Beantown Swing Orchestra, The Chicken Slacks, and others. He began teaching guitar lessons to his non-musical friends while attending Berklee, and it has grown to be an important part of his career path. Skuli enjoys sharing his musical gifts to all ages of students, from early childhood through retirement age!


Skuli has built 50% of the furniture in his house.


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