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Stan Swiniarski

null: Piano, Guitar, Songwriting

LOCATIONS: Burlington

Stan Swiniarski's Bio

Music has been a major part of Stan's life from the age of 6, when he got his first piano. Following high school, he was a member with Up With People during their Bicentennial tour. He toured the United States and Canada, playing at the Summer Olympics in Montreal, and the Super Bowl X Half-Time show in Florida.

Stan earned a degree in Music Education from Berklee College of Music, completing significant coursework in electronic music. He later earned a Masters Degree in Math and Computer Science; he believes the combination of music and software technology careers have been beneficial for computer-based audio production work.

Stan performed in a number of bands in the New England area, playing a variety of genres including disco, pop/rock and country. He has been a keyboardist and vocalist in opening acts for artists such as Kellie Pickler, Colt Ford, Gary Allen, and the late George Jones. He spent time in Nashville, TN as a songwriter and musician, writing on Music Row and performing his music in venues such as The Bluebird Cafe. His songs were recorded by a number of new artists at the time and received airplay. While in Nashville, he also donated his time as a teacher at the W.O. Smith Community Music School.

After his Nashville days, Stan taught a variety of songwriting courses at Berklee College of Music as Assistant Professor. He curated a monthly writer-in-the-round series called BITR Tuesday, combining student songwriters with special guests such as Charlie Puth, Paula Cole and Livingston Taylor, plus professional songwriters visiting in the local area. Stan also formed an after-hours pop writing workshop for Berklee students, and was able to get some of their songs pitched directly to RCA A&R in Los Angeles.

In 2004 and 2005, Stan released two solo country albums, Mexico and Ain’t That Love, respectively. Mexico charted on the Americana Music charts, and was in the top 10 of the Roots Music Report. Ain’t That Love premiered at the South Shore Music Circus, where Stan was a solo opening act for the band America.

Stan's currently produces all genres of music for film and television. His songs and instrumentals have been placed with many networks including PBS, Disney, National Geographic, Bravo, Scripps (HGTV), and Animal Planet, and can be heard in shows such as Switched at Birth, Dog Whisperer, Say Yes to the Dress, Real Housewives of New York and lately Mexican Dynasties. He also does freelance electronic music design for musical theater and enjoys performing in his new pop/rock duo, Grand Reserve.

Stan also enjoys donating his skills and time as a songwriter for The Songs of Love Foundation, an organization that brings personalized songs to young people with severe medical challenges. He has witnessed first-hand how these songs aid in the healing process for children.

Stan is a highly motivated and passionate educator, offering piano (all levels/styles), beginning guitar, songwriting, and electronic music production and recording to all ages as young as five years old. He adapts his teaching to fit the individual needs and interests of the student, making the learning experience fun while incorporating theory and technique into his pedagogy. Stan says playing music should feel like playing, not like work!


Stan is an organic gardener. He maintains a plot in Ogunquit, Maine, and grows 100% organic vegetables and herbs from non-GMO seed. He especially loves to grow hot peppers, and makes his own Peach Habañero hot sauce.


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