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Stephanie Lento

Faculty: Voice, Piano


Stephanie Lento's Bio

Stephanie is a classically trained soprano and pianist who’s been singing and playing for more than 15 years. She felt a strong connection to music since commencing piano lessons at the age of 5. Just a few years later, she began composing piano pieces and honing her craft.

Stephanie has been teaching for four years and specializes in the classical, musical theater, and contemporary genres. She projects her passion for teaching through guiding young musicians and developing their love for the musical arts, just as her instructors did for her as a young student.

In addition to teaching at Real School, Stephanie is also the lead pianist and vocalist for the Trinity Evangelical Church’s contemporary worship team in which she performs two services every Sunday. She currently attends Salem State University, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music.

Stephanie believes that anyone is capable of expressing themselves through music, they just need encouragement. She remembers all of the encouragement and guidance that she received from her teachers, and she wants to do the same for her students. In addition, she believes in pushing students to achieve their potential. This balance is the foundation of her teaching practice.


When not teaching and performing, Stephanie writes original children’s musicals with her colleague, writing partner, and fellow Real School instructor, Stephanie Morey-Barry. Their two most recent works are Journey to Bethlehem and Average Joe The Musical.


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