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Stephanie Morey-Barry

Faculty: Voice


Stephanie Morey-Barry's Bio

Stephanie has been performing for as long as she can remember! She is a classically trained soprano with a background in musical theatre and contemporary Christian worship music. She has a passion for using her love of music to develop confidence and self-expression in young people.

Stephanie holds an undergraduate degree in Education from Salem State University, where she studied music (voice and flute) and education. She earned her Master's Degree from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia where she studied Church Music. In addition to the previous, she holds a graduate certificate in Worship Studies from Liberty University's School of Music.

As an avid theatre-goer and performer, Stephanie enjoys being involved in the music and theatre programming at Trinity Evangelical Church where she has been a proud member for many years. Her and her Real School colleague, Stephanie Lento, enjoy writing original children's musicals for the church every Christmas. When not working at Real School or serving at Trinity, Stephanie has the privilege of teaching at Northpoint Bible College as a professor in their Music and Worship Department.

Her number one teaching tool is encouragement! She loves to find the unique and special talents of each student. Stephanie's adoration for musical theatre is reflected not only through her teaching but also through the massive and constantly-growing music library that she keeps in her classroom. You name the musical; she has it! She loves finding just the right piece for college auditions, performances, community theatre auditions, YouTube Channels, and more.


Stephanie is a former Walt Disney World performer! She worked for a year in their entertainment department through the Disney College Program. She has some hilarious stories and touching memories from working there. Her favorite Disney moments are performing at the Capital One College Bowl and having the opportunity to fulfill wishes for the Make-A-Wish Foundation while in the park.


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